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Roland V-Tour Series TD-15K V-Drums

Roland V-Tour Series V-Drums

Brand: Roland

This review about Roland drum set product. The famous brand of Roland has known for over the years as a dedicated manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and Digital Percussions, which now branching out into multimedia market. Review below has included features, specifications, price, and picture for one of Roland V-Drum kits series "Roland V-Tour Series TD-15K" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

See details Drum Set Information below:

Roland V-Tour Series TD-15K V-Drums

Roland Drum Set - V-Tour Series TD-15K V-Drums

TD-15 Drum Sound Modules with SuperNATURAL

Powered by SuperNATURAL, this mid-range V-Drums sound engine provides top-tier playability, superb expressiveness, and pro-level operation. It’s a powerful-yet-affordable module for the live stage and recording studio.

Mesh-Head V-Pad for Snare and Toms

The 8" PDX-8 and 6.5" PDX-6 mesh V-Pads feature Roland's amazing dual-triggering technology, resulting in accurate and even sensing between the head and rim. The PDX-8 for snare offers an expanded 10" rim for more comfortable and quiet rim-shots.

Acclaimed V-Cymbals for Crash and Ride

With optimized weight-balance and sensitivity, the CY-12C for Crash provides a natural swinging motion and accurate triggering for consistent crash performance, including choke control. As a Ride cymbal, the CY-13R offers an enlarged bow area and a realistic playing feel, with accurate three-way triggering for edge, bow and bell.

Compact and Practical Hi-Hat Combination

The CY-5 cymbal pad for hi-hat features a 10" playing zone and natural swing movement. It also provides separate bow and edge triggering. With the FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, drummers can get realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed positions.

Natural-Feel Kick Pad

With new mechanics and a cloth-designed bass drum head, the KD-9 provides great feel, dynamic response, accurate triggering and solid playability even with using a double pedal. It’s also easy and quick to set up.

Custom Stand for V-Tour V-Drums

Designed for the V-Tour series, the MDS-9V is a stable four-leg drum stand with adjustable ball clamps for cymbal arms/snare mount and tilt mechanism for hi-hat mount arm. You can adjust the position of the cymbals and toms freely for the ideal ergonomic setup.

V-Drums Specifications

Drum Sound Module: TD-15 x 1
V-Pad (Snare, Tom3): PDX-8 x 2
V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2): PDX-6 x 2
V-Cymbal Crash: CY-12C x 1
V-Cymbal Ride: CY-13R x 1
Cymbal Pad: CY-5 x 1
Kick Pad: KD-9 x 1
Hi-Hat Controller: FD-8 x 1
**Drum Stand: MDS-9V x 1  

Extra Trigger Input Jack: 2 (CRASH2, AUX)
Accessories: Drum Key, Setup Guide

Width (W): 1,300 mm / 51-3/16 inches
Depth (D): 1,200 mm / 47-1/4 inches
Height (H): 1,250 mm / 49-1/4 inches
Weight: 23.5 kg / 51 lbs. 13 oz.

**Note: Drum Stand, Kick Pedal, and Hi-hat stand are not included. Shown here for photographic purpose only, they are sold separately.

For Setup Guide can read or download this official Roland TD-15K V-Drums Manual

Price of Roland V-Tour Series TD-15K V-Drums

Price of New Roland V-Tour Series TD-15K V-Drums has various price ranges at various dealers, Select one of the greatest deal is offered by each dealer below if you are only decide to buy ONLINE. Kindly note that shipping cost and warranty may applicable and vary at each dealers, or occasionally is needed to charge addition.

EBAY - US $1,999.00
Kraft Music - US $2,399.99
Austin Bazaar - US $1,999.00
Cascio Interstate Music - US $1,999.00
Chicago Music Exchange - US $1,999.00

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