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Roland V-Compact Series TD-4KX2 V-Drums

Roland V-Compact Series V-Drums

Brand : Roland

This review about Roland drum set product. The famous brand of Roland has known for over the years as a dedicated manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and Digital Percussions, which now branching out into multimedia market. Review below has included features, specifications, price, and picture for one of Roland V-Drum kits series may you need to know before deciding to buy.

See details Drum Set Information below:

Roland V-Compact Series TD-4KX2 V-Drums

Roland Drum Set - V-Compact Series TD-4KX2

Roland V-Compact Series TD-4KX2 V-Drums

One of Roland V-Drums Series, "Roland V-Compact Series" is most affordable V-Drums that now undergo new upgrades and refinements with a new Kick Pad and V-Cymbals. With some upgrades, hopefully this kit will help maximize your playability during practice or even for your performances.

More Enhancement

  • Mesh heads for snare and toms (PDX-8, PDX-6)
  • Natural swing motion and playing feel with new V-Cymbals (CY-12C, CY-13R)
  • Three-way triggering for Ride (CY-13R)
  • Great feel and reliable playability with new mechanics and a cloth-designed bass drum head (KD-9)

V-Drums Specifications:

Percussion Sound Module: TD-4 x 1
V-Pad (Snare, Tom 3): PDX-8 x 2
V-Pad (Tom 1, Tom 2): PDX-6 x 2
V-Cymbal Ride: CY-13R x 1
V-Cymbal Crash: CY-12C x 1
Cymbal Pad (Hi-Hat): CY-5 x 1
Kick Pad: KD-9 x 1
Hi-Hat Control Pedal: FD-8 x 1
Drum Stand: MDS-4 x 1 (sold separately) 

Accessories: Drum Key, Setup Guide

Width (W): 1,200 mm / 47-1/4 inches
Depth (D): 1,100 mm / 43-5/16 inches
Height (H): 1,250 mm / 49-1/4 inches
Weight (including MDS-4 Stand): 12.7 kg / 28 lbs.

Note: Kick Pedal, Snare Stand, Hi-hat Stand and Drum Throne are not included. Shown here for photographic purpose only, they are sold separately.

For Setup Guide can read or download this official Roland TD-4KX2 V-Drums Manual

Price of Roland V-Compact Series TD-4KX2 V-Drums

New Roland V-Compact Series TD-4KX2 V-Drums has been priced around US $1,800.00 - Kick Pedal, Hi-hat Stand, Snare Stand, and Drum Throne are not included.

May you want to make a big deal with these amazing sound of Roland TD-4KX2 V-Drums, Check the special offers from your nearest dealer before deciding to buy. Check other products of Roland Electronic Drum Set by tapping related links below.

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