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Ludwig Classic Maple in New Sky Blue Pearl

Ludwig Classic Maple Series Drum Set

Brand : Ludwig

This review about Ludwig drum set product. The famous brand of Ludwig has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Ludwig drum kits products may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Ludwig Classic Maple Series Drum Set

Ludwig Drum Set - Classic Maple Series

Ludwig Classic Maple in New Sky Blue Pearl

Ludwig Classic Maple drums are the ideal choice for any performance application. No matter the playing style or preference, Classic Maple incorporates the myriad of LCG options straight from the player and brings them to life with premium North American Maple.


Classic Maple's standard 7-ply, 6mm shell is formulated for optimum resonance and tonality. Each drum's bearing edge is cut to a 45-degree angle within 1/16" from the outside edge. This sharp edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman's touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch that completes the unmistakable Ludwig Sound.

Drum Set Specifications:

9x13" Classic Maple Tom [LT893XX52WCR]

16x16" Classic Maple Floor Tom [LF866XX52WC]

14x22" Classic Maple Bass Drum [LB842RC52WC]

6.5x14" Classic Maple Snare Drum [LS403XX52]

Price of This Ludwig Classic Maple Series Drum Set:

New 4pc Shell Pack around US $2,000.00 - Hardware and Cymbals not included.

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