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Yamaha Hipgig Drum Set

Yamaha Drum Set Review 

Brand : Yamaha

This review about Yamaha drum set product. The famous brand of Yamaha has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Yamaha drum kits series may you need to know before deciding to buy.

See details drum set information:

Yamaha Hipgig Drum Set

Yamaha Drum Set - Al Foster Signature Hipgig Drum Set

Yamaha Al Foster Signature Hipgig Drum Set

The Al Foster Signature Hipgig Sr. is based on the original Hipgig design, but with larger sizes. This versatile set is as comfortable in a small jazz ensemble as a rockin' trio. When you want portability with the volume of a traditional set, the Hip

Drum Set Features:

Larger Diameters Offer Greater Performance

Compared to the original Hipgig, drum diameters on the Hipgig Sr. have all been increased to offer drummers greater tone and performance in a still compact, easy-to- transport drum kit. The bass drum diameter has increased two inches, from the original 16" to 18", while the 14" and 12" tom toms and the 13" snare are all one size larger than before. The 7-ply shells are made of Birch and Philippine Mahogany using our original Air Seal System. Yamaha CS-641 cymbal stands have been utilized to allow the use of larger cymbals and greater setting variation.

Air Seal System for Superior Shells

The use of our original Air Seal System is in part, responsible for the superior quality found in Yamaha drum shells. Select woods are cut into plies, positioned with staggered diagonal seams, and sealed together with evenly distributed air pressure. The resulting shells are perfectly round and of uniform thickness delivering superior tone quality and exceptional durability.

Floating Bass Drum System

Height adjustment on the pedal side of the bass drum is possible with the pipe post stabilizer. Use of this system ensure that the beater makes contact at the center of the head. The stabilizer fits into a pipe clamp on the underside of the drum that allows quick and easy adjustment of the height. The post is equipped with a memory clamp that ensures subsequent settings will be quick and precise every time, while a pair of supports provides added stability.

Ball Clamp and Triple Tom Holder

This round ball clamp has long been a fundamental part of Yamaha System Drums. Made of super-hard resin, the ball is held firmly in place with a steel plate and large wing bolt. While providing ease of operation, this system also delivers total freedom in setting and superior stability. The triple tom holder accommodates two toms as well as a cymbal holder to provide a wide variety of set up possibilities.

Add-on Toms Available

The Hipgig set can be expanded by adding an 8" tom or 12" tom. Both toms include soft case for storage and transportation.

Additional Information

    - Compact, fully-functional drum set complete with all hardware
    - 7-ply Birch/Mahogany shell
    - ALL drums (one snare and two toms) are mounted off the 18" bass drum
    - ALL drums are stored inside the BD for easy transport
    - Soft gig bag is included for all hardware
    - Included one gig bag for all toms and snare drum and one gig bag for the bass drum
    - Toms and snare drum come with Remo Coated Ambassador heads; BD with Renaissance PowerStroke 3 heads
    - Available finishes: Jaguar, White Marine Pearl, Gold Marine Pearl

Price of New Yamaha Al Foster Signature Hipgig Drum Set /w Hardware Sets available around US $2,700.00. Make sure you choose your nearest Yamaha dealer at http://usa.yamaha.com/dealers/ for usa region before deciding visiting your dealer or you may visit your favourites store.

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