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Legacy Exotic Sumauma Supernatural

Ludwig Legacy Series: Legacy Exotic Drum Set

Brand : Ludwig

This review about Ludwig drum set product. The famous brand of Ludwig has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Ludwig drum kits products may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Ludwig Legacy Series: Legacy Exotic Drum Set

Ludwig Drum Set - Legacy Exotic Series

Ludwig Legacy Exotic Series in Sumauma Supernatural

By applying many of the same shell making properties we have refined over the past century, Ludwig is proud to introduce Legacy Exotic, a stunning rethink to a modern classic. This flagship professional drum line employs the 3-ply combination of inner and outer North American Maple and the traditional single Poplar core ply with solid Maple reinforcement rings; forging a sonic warmth that is unheard of in the tonal spectrum.


Ludwig Drum Set - Legacy Exotic Series

Exotic Veneer over 1/32" Maple Outer Ply, 1/8" American Poplar Core Ply, 1/16" Maple Inner Ply, 1/8" Solid Maple Reinforcement Rings.

A dark Amazon hardwood with a deep horizontal grain, Sumauma’s marbled textural figuring compliments its complex visual variation.

Drum Set Specifications:

Ludwig Drum Set - Legacy Exotic Series

14x20" bass drum, Mini-Classic lugs, Elite spurs, no mount (LLB440XXA1)

14x14" floor tom, Mini-Classic lugs, Keystone brackets (LLF444KXA1)

8x12" tom, Mini-Classic lugs, Vibraband with Keystone bracket (LLT482XXA1WR)

5x14" snare, Millenium strainer, Classic lugs (LLS454XXA1WM)

Price of Ludwig Legacy Exotic Series Drum Set:

New 4pc Shell Pack around US $3,600.00 - Hardware not included

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