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Yamaha Absolute Maple Lug Drum Set

Brand : Yamaha

This review about Yamaha drum set product. The famous brand of Yamaha has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Yamaha drum kits models "Yamaha Absolute Maple Lug Drum Set" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Yamaha Absolute Maple Lug Drum Set

Yamaha Drum Set - Absolute Maple Lug Drum Set

Drum Sets Features

Staggered Diagonal Seam/Air Seal System:

The heart of any drum is the shell, and Yamaha’s method of hand-crafting shells produces the strongest, most consistent drums available. Yamaha drums feature a staggered diagonal seam to ensure a shell that starts round, and stays round and will not require any putty filler in the bearing edges to fill voids between the plies. The Air Seal System of clamping the plies in the mold provides the same pressure 360° around the shell to make sure the glue is evenly distributed. This is key to the consistency of Yamaha shells.


Yamaha Absolute Maple series drums shells are crafted using North American maple. Maple produces a round, warm tone with a good mix of overtones from high to low. Our maple drums have a wide dynamic range and long sustain.

YESS II mounting system:

The new version of Yamaha’s YESS mounting system anchors the mount at the top and bottom nodal point of the shell. The mounting bracket is attached to a metal plate, and this assembly is isolated from the shell using rubber grommets. By shock-mounting the shell in this manner, no vibration is able to escape the shell through the hardware. The lugs are placed at a point that filters out unwanted overtones. This system gives the Absolute series a bigger sound and a pure tone with more warmth and sustain.

Absolute Lug:

Back by popular demand, the sleek, classic design of the original Absolute lug is now the standard lug in the Absolute series. This lug anchors to the shell at the nodal point using a single bolt, reducing the number of holes in the shell. The small size of the lug allows it to make very little contact with the shell, and reduces the amount of shell vibration that is dampened.

Vent holes:

The number of, and placement of the vent hole plays an important role in the sound of a drum by affecting the attack, sustain, and tone. Through exhaustive research and testing of many prototypes, Yamaha has discovered the optimal number and placement of the vent hole in each drum. Snare drums and toms up to 12” have one hole, 13” toms have two, 14:” and 16” toms have four, floor toms have six, 18” bass rums have eight, and bass drums from 20” to 24:” have ten vent holes.

Bass drum spurs/floating bass drum system:

The Absolute series bass drums have a heavier version of our classic spur that has been a favorite in the industry for years. The newer spurs are thicker for better stability under even the heaviest playing conditions. Our 18” bass drums include our floating bass drum lift that raises the batter side of the drum off the floor for a fuller sound, while eliminating the need to shorten the beater shaft to strike the center of the head.

Expanded bass drum selection:

Bass drums are available with or without a mount installed at the factory. A 20” deep bass drum is now available in the 22” diameter drum. All bass drums come with matching wood hoops.


Drawing from our legendary pianos, Yamaha was the first company to use high-quality lacquer finishes on their drums. The Absolute series is available in 23 hand-finished lacquers and one wrap (White Marine Pearl). Each lacquer finish is sprayed, sanded, and buffed by hand to create a drum that looks as beautiful as it sounds. Six of the finishes (including the glow in the dark Luminous White Sparkle) were developed through hours of experimenting at our artist facility in the U.S. by our custom builder Daryl Anderson.

Drum Set Specifications:

- Shells: 100% North American maple
- Bass drums: 7–ply, 7mm thick
- Toms, floor toms, snare drums: 6–ply, 6mm thick
- Bearing edges: 45˚ with a slight outside counter cut
- Rims: Aluminum die cast
- BD hoops: Matching wood
- Heads: Remo clear P3 on bass drum batters (coated ambassador on 18"), ebony P3 on logo side. Toms and floor toms clear Emperor on batter, clear Ambassador on resonant side. Coated Ambassador batter, Ambassador snare.

Absolute Maple Lug Components

Bass Drums

MAB-1814    18" x 14"
MAB-2016    20" x 16"
MAB-2018    20" x 18"
MAB-2018R    20" x 18" no mount
MAB-2216    24" x 16"
MAB-2218    20" x 18"
MAB-2218R    22" x 18" no mount
MAB-2220    22" x 20"
MAB-2220R    22" x 20" no mount
MAB-2416    24" x 16"
MAB-2418    24" x 18"
MAB-2418R    24" x 18" no mount


MAT-0807    8" x 7"
MAT-1007    10" x 7"
MAT-1008    10" x 8"
MAT-1208    12" x 8"
MAT-1209    12" x 9"
MAT-1309    13" x 9"
MAT-1310    13" x 10"
MAT-1411    14" x 11"
MAT-1412    14" x 12"
MAT-1613    16" x 13"
MAT-1614    16" x 14"

Floor Toms

MFT-1413    14" x 13"
MFT-1615    16" x 15"
MFT-1816    18" x 16"

Snare Drums

MAS-1440    14" x 4"
MAS-1460    14" x 6"
MAS-1470    14" x 7"

Price of Absolute Maple Lug Model Call (714) 522-9000 (Yamaha CS)

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