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Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune Drum Set

Tama Drum Set Review 

This review about Tama drum set product. The famous brand of Tama has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Tama drum kits models "Tama Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune Drum Set" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Tama Drum Set - Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune Model

Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune drums are designed for players who are the most exacting about sound and tuning. Our 100% bubinga shell offers both a powerful attack and rich, full resonance. For faster, easier, and more precise tuning, our Omni-Tune lugs allow you to tune both the top and bottom heads from the batter side. For session recording and performing at large venues where every second is critical, the Omni-Tune system is the answer.


Shells (All Bubinga )

Tama Drum Sets

9ply Bubinga Shell
Drummers tend to bring out their best adjectives when describing the experience of playing on a bubinga drum set. Bubinga has been described as a wood that provides tones that are both "dark and mysterious, but with incredibly high overtones." Others aver that bubinga offers the powerful projection of birch with the warmth of maple.

"Bubinga has so much punch," says drummer John Tempesta, a long time Bubinga aficionado. "When you lay into it, it has so much bottom—really warm, but punchy, with a great response. Bubinga rules!" While other companies have flirted with the idea of drums using bubinga merely as an outer-ply, TAMA is the first major company to craft 100% bubinga shells.

Omni-Tune Lug System

Tama Drum Sets

The Omni-Tune Lug and Omni-Tune Drum Key allow you to tune both the top head and bottom head from the batter side. The Omni-Tune system expands and improves on the lug system invented in 1930 by drum designer William David Gladstone, which he created for snare drums. Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune features the Omni-Tune lug on every drum so the entire set benefits from faster, easier and more precise tuning.

Star-Cast Mounting System (US PAT.NO.5454288)

Tama Drum Sets

The Star-Cast Mounting System has always provided maximum resonance and stability for TAMA's pro-drums. A streamlined design makes it easier to position toms closer together for greater ease and comfort than ever before. In addition, a switch to aluminum provides lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration. Last but not least, Star-Cast is now plated to match your drum's shell hardware!

Die-Cast Hoops

Tama Drum Sets

Hoops not only affect drum tuning; they also affect drum sound. That's why the choice of hoops was so important to the designers of TAMA's professional drum lines. For our Starclassic Series, we choose zinc die-cast hoops, which are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die-cast hoops have more density and are more consistent in shape than triple flanged hoops, which are manufactured by bending metal plates. Die-cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly. Drums fitted with die-cast hoops also offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs and much more powerful rim shots.

Claw Hooks (Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune)

Tama Drum Sets

Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune's claw hooks feature rubber spacers that help protect wood hoops from damage. The hooks and hoops work as one unit and won't separate or rattle, even on loose tunings

Bass Drum Spur Bracket (Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune)

Tama Drum Sets

TAMA's MSB30 die-cast bracket holds the spur bracket securely, thanks to the same powerful hinge mechanism used on the MTB30 mounting bracket.Unique memory markers found on the folding spur bracket help simplify set up.

Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs

Tama Drum Sets

Starclassic's Air Pocket™ rubber feet feature a special air chamber, that eliminates the transfer of vibrations to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound) and absorbs shock for better playing.

Omni-Tune Two-Way Drum Key (OTK10)

Tama Drum Sets

The Omni-Tune drum key features a square head for standard tension rods and a hex head for the Omni-Tune hex tension rods.

Omni-Tune Key Holder

Tama Drum Sets

All Starclassic Bubinga Omni-Tune individual bass drums and individual snare drums include the Omni-Tune key holder. This holder can be attached on tom or snare drum batter hoops.

Evans® Heads

Tama Drum Sets

Evans® heads are featured on all Starclassic drums (except bass drum front heads). On the rack and floor toms, Genera G2 2-ply clear batter heads and Genera G1 1-ply clear bottom heads provide both durability and solid sound. Starclassic bass drums are fitted with Genera EQ4 clear batter heads.

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