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Sonor Delite Series in Walnut Roots


Brand : Sonor

This review about Sonor drum set product. The famous brand of Sonor has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Sonor drum kits Series "Sonor Delite Series in Walnut Roots" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Sonor Delite Series in Walnut Roots

Delite Series

The Sonor Delite Series is designed for the professional drummer with clear ideas about equipment, features and sounds. These very ideas and experiences, along with the broad expertise at Sonor, are our main focus as we continue to develop and steadily optimise the Sonor Delite Series. The shell design, with its extremely thin and consequently very light vintage maple shells, make Sonor Delite sets an extremely welcome tour companion, a companion no drummers would wish to go without.

Sonor Delite Sounds

The trademark of the Sonor Delite Series is the sound spectrum provided by the extremely thin vintage maple shells. These give a Sonor Delite set an unmistakably open sound and an enormously wide range for practically all styles of music. The sound characteristics of the individual shells are characterized by a soft, warm tone that highlights the lower pitches and provides balance in the mid-range and treble.

Drum Set Features:

Sonor Drum Set - Sonor Delite Series in Walnut Roots

DL 2217 BD - Bass Drum 22" x 17.5"

DL 1406 SDWD - Snare Drum 14" x 6"

DL 1008 TT - Tom Tom 10" x 8"

DL 1209 TT - Tom Tom 12" x 9"

DL 1414 FT - Floor Tom 14" x 14"

DL 1616 FT - Floor Tom 16" x 16"

DTS 475 - Double Tom Stand

SS 677 - Snare Drum Stand

HH 674 - Hi-Hat Stand

CBS 672 - Cymbal Boom Stand (2x)

MBS 473 - Mini Boom Stand (3x)

SP 673 - Bass Drum Single Pedal

DT 670 - Drummer's Throne, round seat

All Price of Model Call +49 2759 790 (Sonor Head Office)

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