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Roland V-Pro™ Series - TD-20S V-Drums

Roland Drum Set Review 

This review about Roland drum set product. The famous brand of Roland has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Roland electronic drum kits products "Roland V-Pro™ Series -  TD-20S V-Drums" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Roland Drum Set - Roland V-Pro™ Series

A New Chapter In V-Drums History

With the V-Pro™ Series TD-20S, Roland improves upon the industry-standard V-Drums® by starting from the ground up. At the heart of this flagship set is the TD-20 module with new sounds and functions, superb expressiveness and in-depth V-Editing. The patented mesh pads now feature great dynamic range and natural rim shot triggering, along with a new look and stunning black finish. The TD-20S also features Roland’s amazing new V-Hi-Hat™ and a new drum stand designed to hide the cabling. With this powerful new combination of pads and hardware, the V-Pro Series TD-20S lets drummers express themselves more naturally and with more realism than ever before!

- Flagship V-Drums kit with new TD-20 sound module, improved mesh-head V-Pads™, highly acclaimed V-Cymbals™ and innovative new V-Hi-Hat for complete playability

- TD-20 Percussion Sound Module with over 500 new sounds, improved dynamics and sensitivity, plus CompactFlash storage and V-LINK*

- 15 dual-trigger inputs, 10 audio outputs and digital output, 8 group faders and built-in sequencer, Mastering Room and more

- All-new V-Editing includes modeled snare buzz, kick beater selection, and greater cymbal customizing (i.e. size, “sizzle,” mic positions)

- New PD-125 (12”) and PD-105 (10”) dual-trigger V-Pads feature better dynamic response, more even and accurate head/rim triggering and rim shot capability on toms

- New VH-12 V-Hi-Hat with two cymbals for full motion capability and natural feel

- Ergonomically designed MDS-20 V-Drums Stand (also sold separately) with more durable hardware, sleek raked design, easier vertical adjustment and 16 cables (included) hidden neatly inside the tubing

- Expansion slot for future upgrades and enhancements

The TD-20S is available in black (TD-20S-BK) or white (TD-20S-WT) and the components are packaged in three separate boxes as follows.

    * Box 1 (TD-20K1):
      (1) TD-20 Percussion Module
      (2) CY-14C V-Cymbals
      (1) CY-15R V-Cymbal
      (1) VH-12 Hi-Hat

    * Box 2 (TD-20K2-BK or TD-20K2-WT):
      (3) PD-125 mesh pads (BK or WT)
      (2) PD-105 mesh pads (BK or WT)
      (1) KD-120 mesh kick pad (BK or WT)

    * Box 3 (MDS-20BK):
      The drum set rack, the clamps and arms for both the pads and the cymbals, and the mounting plate that attaches to the     bottom of the TD-20 percussion module.

*V-LINK requires optional Edirol DV-7PR with software version 1.50 or higher. Kick drum pedal, snare stand, and hi-hat stand not included

All Price of Model Call +323-890-3700 (Roland Corporation U.S.)

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