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Pearl Masterworks Series Drum Set


Brand : Pearl

This review about Pearl drum set product. The famous brand of Pearl has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Pearl drum kits Series "Pearl Masterworks Series Acoustic Drum Set" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

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Pearl Masterworks Series Acoustic Drum Set

Pearl Drum Set - Masterworks Series Drum Set

Custom Drums. There seems to be quite a few companies making them these days. Most buy shells from the same manufacturer, mount hardware they bought from some place else, and apply a custom paint job. The end result, after a lot of hype, is a custom drum set...or is it?

Masterworks hopes to change the way drummers view a custom set of drums. At Pearl, the word custom holds quite a bit more reverence. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the kit is made by hand, one piece at a time, by a Pearl master craftsman. From hand selecting the finest woods and painstakingly forming the shell, to die casting and plating the hardware that mounts to it, drums bearing the Masterworks badge are one of a kind ultimate acoustic instruments, hand made to your specifications, with the expertise and quality no other company can match.

Drum Set Features:

Wood Choices


Pearl Drum Shell Pictures

Maple has been a favorite choice of drum manufacturers since the late 1700's. Its grain is a beautiful canvas for transparent finishing techniques, and its tone is ideal for general purpose, all encompassing applications. Our North American Maple, like all of the woods used for Masterworks drums, is hand-selected to meet stringent requirements for proper density, age, and consistency of grain and color. Maple offers a smooth, warm, well rounded tone, with equal amounts of hi-end attack and mid-range body, and an excellent low-end punch.


Pearl Drum Shell Pictures

Birch drums have gained an almost cult following over the years for  their "naturally EQ'ed sound."  Our prime Scandinavian Birch offers a slightly boosted hi-end cut, a smooth, mellow mid range and a deep low end presence. Many popular Birch shell drums have found their way into top recording studios, where they are a favorite of both the player and the engineer.

African Mahogany

Pearl Drum Shell Pictures

Mahogany was the industry standard for drum shell for over fifty years, and one listen tells you why. Our supreme quality African Mahogany is extremely rich in low-end frequencies, with beautifully smooth mids and a slight roll-off in the higher register. Drums made from African Mahogany have warmth and body that sets them apart from all others.  Without question, if your main requirements are "bottom" and punch, African Mahogany should be your wood of choice.

Composite Shell

Pearl Drum Shell Pictures

The beauty of Masterworks is the ability to custom configure a kit down to the wood plies used for the shells. A composite shell, featuring more than one wood, is a great way to blend the characteristics offered by different materials. For instance, you may choose outer plies of Maple or Birch for their ease of finishing, beautiful grain and sound characteristics, and inner plies of African Mahogany to boost bass and low end punch. While this is a very popular Masterworks composite, remember there is no wrong way to configure your shell and each drum in your kit can be different if you so choose.

Carbon Ply

Pearl Drum Shell Pictures

If you desire something more futuristic, we offer the cutting edge of drums with Carbon Fiber. This ultra exotic hybrid features 6 plies of 5.4mm Maple sandwiched between an inner and outer ply of Carbon Fiber. These drums produce a sound that goes beyond description and must be experienced.

Drum Hardware Options

Hardware Color

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

All Masterworks Series drums are available in your choice of Chrome, Gold, or Black Chrome plated drum hardware finishes to make your kit as unique as you are.

Golden Ratio for Air Vents

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Golden Rectangle, and the Divine Proportion, has fascinated mathematicians since the time of the Pharaohs. It is a mathematical constant (1.61803) that is found repeatedly in nature and has been used by artisans for generations to create art and structure with pleasing proportions.

Stradivarius applied the Golden Ratio to define the location of the  "f-holes" and proportions of his masterwork violins. The exterior dimensions of the Parthenon are said to form a perfect Golden Rectangle. The proportions found in Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" follow the Golden Ratio. Intrigued by this, our engineers asked if the Golden Ratio was applicable to drums and more specifically to the location of the air vents. For every drum depth there is an upper and lower Golden Ratio location, and testing revealed that the upper location noticably improves attack, which is perfect for snare drums, while the lower position improves low frequency response, ideal for toms and bass drums. Pearl's revolutionary new Golden Ratio air vents are so unique they're patent pending. Experience the sound of Golden Ratio air vents, centuries in the making, exclusively on Masterworks and Master's Premium series drums.

Hoop Design

MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

MasterCast are the finest die cast hoops available and feature the perfect blend of thickness and mass to improve the depth, clarity, and focus of toms and snare drums.

Super Hoop II

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

SuperHoop II hoops are precision formed from heavy-duty 2.3mm steel, triple-flanged and engraved with the SuperHoop II logo.

Lug Design

BRL Lugs

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

Pearl’s revolutionary BRL lugs assure the ultimate in head seating and tuning integrity. The unique swivel function allows the tension rods to align perfectly into the lugs so there’s no lateral pressure against the hoops, thus assuring maximum resonance and sustain.

Bridge Lugs

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

Bridge style lugs and floor tom brackets provide maximum resonance with minimal shell contact.

Swivel Tube Lugs

Pearl Drum Hardware Pictures

Pearl’s revolutionary swivel tube lugs assure perfect rod to lug alignment for optimal seating and precision tuning.

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