Tuesday, May 4, 2010

K-Zildjian Series Cymbal - 20" K Light Flat Ride

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This review about Zildjian Cymbal product. The Zildjian brand has known for high quality manufacture of drum gear particularly in  drum set cymbal and drumsticks. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Zildjian Cymbal series "K-Zildjian Series Cymbal - 20" K Light Flat Ride" may you need to know before visiting your dealer.

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Zildjian 20" K Light Flat Ride Details

Drum Gear - 20

Zildjian cymbals newest offering to the popular K Light line. This thin weight beauty has extreme stick definition and a palatable level of wash. A traditional Flat Ride sound with warmth, this 20" Ride is a great addition to any set-up needing a cymbal that you can go to when the music gets softer.

CATEGORY  : K Zildjian Series
TYPE             : Rides
SIZE               : 20
WEIGHT        : T
FINISH          : Traditional Finish
GENRE          : Drumset: Alternative, Drumset: Country, Drumset: Fusion, Drumset: Hip Hop, Drumset: Jazz, Drumset: Latin, Drumset: Metal, Drumset: Other, Drumset: Pop, Drumset: Punk, Drumset: R&B, Drumset: Rock, Drumset: World
SKILL LEVEL : Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate, Professional

Price of Model Call 800-229-1623 (Zildjian Customer Care)

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