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Yamaha Phoenix Models - Acoustic Drum Set

Yamaha Drum Set Review 

This review about Yamaha drum set product. The famous brand of Yamaha has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Yamaha drum kits Models "Yamaha Phoenix Models - Acoustic Drum Set" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

See details Drum Set Information below:

Yamaha Drum Set - Phoenix Models Acoustic Drum Set

Drum Sets Feature

The shells of the PHX are 11-ply hybrid shells. The woods used are progressively softer from the center ply to the outer plies. The center ply is jatoba; this is a very hard wood' and it "anchors" the fundamental of the shell. Sandwiched on either side of this is kapur. This wood is in the mahogany family and adds warmth to the sound of the drum. The inner and outer plies are maple, except in the case of drums using the optional burled ash outer ply. These drums use an outer half-ply each of maple and burled ash. Maple rounds out the tone adding high and mid frequencies to the shell.

Bearing edges

All drums have a 30° bearing edge, but each "family" of drums uses a different profile. Bass drums have a sharper edge cut toward the outer plies. This gives the bass drums attack and shortens the decay. Floor toms have a slightly rounded edge to give them a perfect balance of attack and sustain, making them very articulate at all dynamic levels. Toms have an even more rounded profile for warmth and sustain. This combination of shell composition and bearing edges makes PHX what many of our artists described as "the most musical drums [they] have ever played".


PHX uses redesigned versions of the Nouveau lug and YESS. The new lug mounts on a square hook rather than a round post. This keeps the tension rod in perfect vertical alignment and eliminates the need to use two hands while tuning the drum. We used the aluminum die-cast hoops made popular on our Absolute series for PHX. These hoops are very light but rigid, giving you the open, warm sound of a triple-flanged hoop and the accurate tuning of a die-cast hoop. Lugs and hoops are available in chrome or gold.

The new version of the YESS mounting system supports the drum at the top and bottom. The new version mounts the tom bracket onto a piece of the shell, and that wooden plate is isolated or shock-mounted using rubber grommets. A 3-piece fastening system is used to attach the new YESS to the shell, and the inside and outside fasteners do not touch. This system totally isolates the drum and allows the full tone to come through and maximizes sustain.


PHX is available with either maple and burled ash exterior plies, and with gold or chrome hardware. The finishes available on the maple outer ply are:

- Matte Natural
- Matte Black
- Polar White
- Cherry Sunburst

The finishes available on the burled ash are:

- Garnet Fade
- Sapphire Fade
- Turquoise Fade
- Textured Amber Sunburst
- Textured Black Sunburst

Drum Sets Specification

- Shells: 11-ply hybrid jatoba, nkapur, maple, and/or burled ash
- Lugs: New design Nouveau detachable, chrome or gold finish
- Mounts: New design YESS
- Hoops: Aluminum die-cast, chrome or gold finish
- Bearing Edges: 30°, varied profiles

Bass Drums

PHXB-1814    18" x 14"
PHXB-2016    20" x 14"
PHXB-2018    20" x 18"
PHXB-2216    22" x 16"
PHXB-2218    22" x 18"
PHXB-2416    24" x 16"
PHXB-2418    24" x 18"
PHXB-2016R    20" x 16" no mount
PHXB-2216R    22" x 16" no mount
PHXB-2218R    22" x 18" no mount
PHXB-2416R    24" x 16" no mount
PHXB-2418R    24" x 18" no mount


PHXT-0807    8" x 7"
PHXT-0808    8" x 8"
PHXT-1007    10" x 7"
PHXT-1008    10" x 8"
PHXT-1208    12" x 8"
PHXT-1209    12" x 9"
PHXT-1309    13" x 9"
PHXT-1310    13" x 10"
PHXT-1411    14" x 11"
PHXT-1412    14" x 12"
PHXT-1613    16" x 13"
PHXT-1614    16" x 14"

Floor Toms

PHXF-1413    14" x 13"
PHXF-1615    16" x 15"
PHXF-1816    18" x 16"

Price of Phoenix Model Call (714) 522-9000 (Yamaha CS)

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