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Sonor - Hardware Set HS 475

Drum Gear Review

This review about Sonor Drum Hardware product. The Sonor brand has known for high quality manufacture of drum gear and drum set. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of  Sonor Drum Hardware products "Sonor - Hardware Set HS 475" may you need to know before visiting your dealer.

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HS 475 hardware set is one of sets hardware from Sonor that practically can be used directly in our drum set. This drum hardware use 400 series hardware.

Hardware Set consisting of:

HH 474
Snare Drum Stand:
SS 477
Mini Boom Stand:
MBS 473 (2x)
Bass Drum Single Pedal:
SP 473

Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set
Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set
Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set

The New Sonor Hardware Generation

Sonor presents a totally new hardware generation. It offers outstanding stability, great functionality and perfection in detail. The 200 Series were developed with focus on easy handling and high compatibility with all Force series. Both series – the 600 and 400 – have been designed by Sonor to meet todays requirements in any musical setting. They offer a wide choice for individual demands with the flexibility to put together exactly the setup you need.


Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set

Offers everything a pro drummer needs. High dimension tubing and solid double-brace legs offer durability and great looking design. A complete hardware set eases first selection or the upgrade from an existing setup.

Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set

Stable. High dimension tubes for enhanced stability and professional design

Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set

Rotational Foot Board. Hi hat stand with patented rotational foot board for individual adjustment

Drum Gear - Sonor HS 475 Hardware Set

Footboard with Support Board. Bass drum pedal with Giant Step design and support board

All Price of Model Call +49 2759 790 (Sonor Head Office)

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