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Sonor Drum Set - SQ2 Set in Solid White

Sonor Drum Set Review 

This review about Sonor drum set product. The famous brand of Sonor has known for over the years in high quality of drum sets manufacture. Review below include features, specification, price, and picture for one of Sonor drum kits models "SQ2 Set in Solid White" may you need to know before deciding to buy.

See details Drum set Information below:

Sonor SQ2 Drum System

The SQ2 Drum System represents Sonor extensive know-how in drum making and sound design. Building upon more than 130 years of manufacturing experience this new range of instruments offers the ultimate in Sonor craftsmanship. It is the new flagship within the Sonor drum program.

As a leading manufacturer of highest quality drums and percussion instruments Sonor has always set new standards and opened doors to new levels of perfection. The Sonor Signature Series, first introduced in the mid-80s is one example. Later the Sonor Designer Series introduced true custom design to the drumming community. Now with SQ2 Sonor again demonstrates its innovative power and uncompromising dedication to quality.

SQ2 is more than a new drum series. It is an entirely new concept both of making drums and selecting drums. With an almost unlimited variety of shell - size - finish combinations SQ2 is the most individual drum we have ever made and the most unique one you have ever dreamed of playing. It will let you speak with your personal musical voice. It is your signature in sound.

SQ2 Solid White Features

Sonor Drum Set - SQ2 Set in Solid White

Sonor Drum Set - SQ2 Set in Solid White

Shell material: Birch

Shell construction: Thin

Finish outside: Solid White, high gloss

Drum hoop: Solid Black, high gloss

Shell Hardware: Black plated

Bass Drum: 16" x 18"

Snare-Drum: 14" x 4.25"

Tom-Tom: 10" x 8"

Floor-Tom: 14" x 13"

All Price of Model Call +49 2759 790 (Sonor Head Office)

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